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Designs for Marko’s parents. 

Saga #9 cover, featuring The Will and ex-flame The Stalk!

Saga #8 cover

Saga #6 cover

Out second week of August, this’ll be the end of our first arc. We’re going to take a bit of a breather, but will be back in November with Saga #7. This series is just getting started! Things only get better and weirder from here.

The trade comes out in October (154 pages for $9.99!), and also that month, Brian and I will be at the New York Comic Con, so come say hi!

SAGA covers #2 and #3

Image Expo last weekend was an amazing show! I want to do it all over again!

SAGA #1 cover

(As seen in a funny post on Eric Stephenson’s blog!)


What am I working on for the next eternity (hopefully)? An epic new fantasy/sci-fi series with Brian K. Vaughan! It’s entirely creator-owned and will be out from Image in early 2012. This is one I can sink my teeth into.