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Fran from FFXII, the best game ever made (Taken with Instagram)

Fran from FFXII, the best game ever made (Taken with Instagram)

grey sketches

I haven’t used markers since college, but I’m trying to practice with them for upcoming cons. Doodled these at drink & draw last night- they are actually the same set of Prismacolors I used SEVEN YEARS ago in school, I can’t believe they haven’t dried up!

FF Tactics Advance on the brain. And yeah, cons- I’ll be at the IMAGE EXPO in February! Can’t wait! Hopefully by then I’ll have mastered the markers and will be doing competent sketches for people! (I love working digitally, but it makes it harder to prepare for the demands of con-sketching)


If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know all about it, but I’ve been nominated for an Eisner under Best Penciller/Inker, for NORTH 40! Unbelievable!

Such an honour to be placed in the same category as J.H. Williams III, Steve McNiven/Dexter Vines, Michael Kaluta and Danijel Zezelj.

Here’s some sketches from the pub:


At drink & draw last night I thought I’d indulge a North 40 fan from Catalonia, who wanted to see Amanda and Sheriff Morgan in swimsuits at the beach.

I thought, “I will never have another valid excuse to draw this,” so here you go, Antoni!


I have two excuses for this picture. 1: I didn’t think of it, someone on Canadian Geek came up with the word, and 2: it’s from drink & draw.

And this is a movie called “Planet of (the?) Dinosaurs” from 1978 that my brother and I watched all the time as kids. Aaaalll the time! Now you can watch the entire thing on youtube.


From drink & draw last night:

Drink & Draw catch up

What do all these things have in common? I’ve never had to draw any of them for an actual job. Okay, I get paid to draw robots all the time, but they’re always huge ones and almost never shaped like bells, cats, or Reggie’s little cousin that he dressed up in paper cones to play a prank on Archie.


Everybody drew Cable last week. I don’t know exactly what he looks like, but I have a general idea:

(the stunning background explosion was rendered by Caleb, whose name is almost Cable)

An “ugly pinup girl” for Laura:

Diddley Daddy

NORTH 40 #1 solicited in this month’s Previews!

Drink & Draw

I went to Seattle last weekend for the Emerald City Comic-con! It was really great and we went to a bar that had a “wheel of drink specials” so now I think Teens in Love in Space is going to have something similar.

Drink & Draw last night at Dickens Pub was EXCEPTIONAL because Brendan McGuigan (Synthosaurus, Teens in Love in Space: The Song musician) and his friend James were DJing there. We are hoping that will become a regular thing.

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