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Comics Alliance debuted this Thor cover I drew!

Saga #24 cover!

Recently did a cover for Conan the Avenger #4! It was neat to get a chance to draw the young “Cloonan Conan.”

Also I think it looks tougher to fight with a tiny knife than a big sword.

Also contributed a cover for the upcoming Life with Archie #36… featuring the death of Archie.

Did a cover for the new Aliens series from Dark Horse!

Saga #20 cover art

I did a variant cover for Ultimate Spider-man #1 and Comics Alliance did a cool little write-up about it:

It’s actually not my first Marvel work- I did a Spider-Woman short for Astonishing Tales and a Wolverine variant in like 2009. Life before Saga, haha.

The cover for Saga #19, out May 21! My cover art always comes back from designer Fonografiks looking 10x cooler.

Next arc takes things in a pretty different direction…

Forgot to post these! Saga covers #17 and #18.

Did a variant cover for Archie #650, out in November!

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