brnnnn asked: Hi Fiona! Have been following Saga since the beginning, one of the first series I used to get into comics and I absolutely adore your art. As someone trying to improve their own art, do you have any suggestions or tips for creating such immaculate form? Do you incorporate reference materials when you're working out panels/sequences? or is it all basically from memory/method?

Thank you! I use a ton of photo reference, but first I draw thumbnails from my imagination only:

By doing those ref-free I make sure that the composition and storytelling are figured out first, rather than being dictated by the photos I have to work with.

After that, I use the camera in my laptop to shoot reference based on the poses I laid out. It’s useful for the purpose because the laptop can be placed anywhere and at any angle, and I can see what it looks like onscreen as I pose like a moron. 

Hope that helps!

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    I pose for my references too, it helps a lot. I’ve never thought about using my laptop camera. I use my cellphone to...
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    Its a beautiful thing, artists helping artists, I hope she doesn’t mind if I use the comic as reference for my 3d...