Been meaning to share this with you guys…it’s a page from Sandman: Endless Nights, the issue Frank Quitely drew on Destiny.

It’s definitely a book to check out; huge stars doing what they do best on the best fitting Endless character for their style…Bill Sienkiewicz on Delirium, Milo Manara on Desire, for instance.  

Frank Quitely had this gorgeous watercolored look that made great use of negative space.  This is by no means his “best” or most beautiful page in the story, but it’s probably the single page that’s had the biggest effect on me as an artist.

What I’m specifically referring to are the ribs of this unidentified carcass.  When I first saw this I stared at that carcass forever…this is an object that’s currently stationary—it’s dead!  But you look at it, and by the sheer placement of each rib, you can hear the sound effect it must’ve made when an animal (the leopard?) tore into it.  Some disgusting “splgqulrrrrc” sound you make when you squeeze air out of your cheeks.  You know which direction it was torn to pieces.  You can see into the past…you can see ACTION and movement in an object that is currently still.  All by where each rib was placed.

And of course, the words on the page are oh-so-appropriate even in this context.  Frank Quitely must’ve felt a great deal of responsibility based on what Gaiman’s words had to say.

From this I learned two things that I’ve kept with me since.  One is more specific—that’s that repeated objects or shapes, when placed right, create movement…a sort of animation.  You will find I use a lot of repeated objects in what I do; it’s because of this page.

And more general (and more important!), I learned that a single image can and should be everything it has potential to be.  I do hate doing layouts, but they’re hugely important…and in each panel I just keep tinkering away until it produces the right, exact feeling I’m trying to get across.  And I do that because I KNOW I can arrive at that point of knowing that yes, that is exactly it.  I know there is always “an image for that.”  It’s just up to me to figure out what “that” is.

I’d been reminded of this because Brandon asked me at one point if there was a way to draw shoes being kicked off.  And yes, there really is an image for that, one that shows the past, present and future all at once.

Speaking of all this, FQ was actually on a BBC special very recently, called “What Do Artists Do All Day?”  I’d share the youtube video but BBC promptly took it down.  If you find it, though, it’s very worth seeing.  He really puts a lot of thought into how to lay out the page.

Wisdom from Amy. You can make huge strides just by looking at your favourite art and figuring out WHY it’s good.

It’s probably not the pen they used. ;)



A thing for a thing we’ve been working on for a while.


Devaki Neogi (Art)
Neil Lalonde (Colors)
Me (Words)

a project I spilled pink and turquoise all over and am super proud to be part of!

Well this looks cool. And the artist is given top billing here- that’s different!

The Society of Illustrators is proud to release the visual for the 2014 MoCCA Arts Festival by Guest of Honor Fiona Staples! 


April 5th & 6th 11:00am - 6:00pm

The 69th Regiment Armory at 68 Lexington Ave, NYC

Admission: $5 per day

Fiona Staples is a comic book artist living in Calgary, Canada. She has illustrated numerous comics including Mystery Society, Done to Death, Secret History of the Authority:…

I did a variant cover for Ultimate Spider-man #1 and Comics Alliance did a cool little write-up about it:

It’s actually not my first Marvel work- I did a Spider-Woman short for Astonishing Tales and a Wolverine variant in like 2009. Life before Saga, haha.



Action…horror…public urination.

D4VE #3 is available now.

D4VE 4 L1F3

Love this robot comic.


A quick peak at my process for painting characters - no backgrounds because I’m lazy. 

I am working on releasing a digital version of SPAM called SPAM Vol. 1.5! It will have all the images in the original book, plus 15 extra pages and at least 3 full, 1 hr -2 hr videos of my process for creating some of the images in the book! 

More information soon on when that will be released. 

Nothing I love more than a process video!

The cover for Saga #19, out May 21! My cover art always comes back from designer Fonografiks looking 10x cooler.

Next arc takes things in a pretty different direction…

Storytelling and art can’t be separated in comics. There’s no other way to know what’s going on. If you’ve read a great story that’s not just down to the writer, the artist is equally responsible for telling that story through the visuals. It’s that simple. Art in comics doesn’t equal pretty pictures, it equals storytelling.


The Stalk & Lying Cat by Chris Stevens


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