The Society of Illustrators is proud to release the visual for the 2014 MoCCA Arts Festival by Guest of Honor Fiona Staples! 


April 5th & 6th 11:00am - 6:00pm

The 69th Regiment Armory at 68 Lexington Ave, NYC

Admission: $5 per day

Fiona Staples is a comic book artist living in Calgary, Canada. She has illustrated numerous comics including Mystery Society, Done to Death, Secret History of the Authority:…

I did a variant cover for Ultimate Spider-man #1 and Comics Alliance did a cool little write-up about it:

It’s actually not my first Marvel work- I did a Spider-Woman short for Astonishing Tales and a Wolverine variant in like 2009. Life before Saga, haha.



Action…horror…public urination.

D4VE #3 is available now.

D4VE 4 L1F3

Love this robot comic.


A quick peak at my process for painting characters - no backgrounds because I’m lazy. 

I am working on releasing a digital version of SPAM called SPAM Vol. 1.5! It will have all the images in the original book, plus 15 extra pages and at least 3 full, 1 hr -2 hr videos of my process for creating some of the images in the book! 

More information soon on when that will be released. 

Nothing I love more than a process video!

The cover for Saga #19, out May 21! My cover art always comes back from designer Fonografiks looking 10x cooler.

Next arc takes things in a pretty different direction…

Storytelling and art can’t be separated in comics. There’s no other way to know what’s going on. If you’ve read a great story that’s not just down to the writer, the artist is equally responsible for telling that story through the visuals. It’s that simple. Art in comics doesn’t equal pretty pictures, it equals storytelling.


The Stalk & Lying Cat by Chris Stevens



Love these special edition variant covers by Fiona Staples and Ramon Perez? There’s even more by Tim Seeley, Walter Simonson and Jeff Shultz in THE ART OF ARCHIE: THE COVERS on sale now! 

Some fanart of Captain Flint from the new Starz show Black Sails!

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