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Denver schedule

I’m at Denver Comic Con this weekend! Table G-1 with the Essential Sequential gang. Here’s my schedule:

10:00-12:00 signing at G-1 
1:00-2:00 Highlighter on Fiona Staples panel- Room 201
6:00-7:00 signing/sketching at G-1 

10:00-1:00 signing at G-1 
6:00-7:00 signing/sketching at G-1 

10:00-1:00 signing/sketching at G-1 
4:00 - 5:00 Sketch Duel - MAIN

Please note that I’ll only be doing sketches ($20 head sketches) for the last hour of Friday and Saturday. The rest of the time I’ll be happy to sign your books though. :)


The ladies of Burn the Orphanage, redesigned by Anka, Forbes, Staples, and Doyle.


I did a pin-up for the final issue of D4VE by Ryan Ferrier (rferrier) and Valentin Ramon published by monkeybraincomics (big thanks to fionastaples for the great advice on colouring this!)

I can not say enough good things about D4VE. The book is as hilarious as it is heartfelt and Ferrier & Ramon both establish themselves as fantastic story tellers.

You can pick up issue #5 today!


I met KIM IL KWANG in 2009 at JM ANIMATION STUDIOS in Seoul, South Korea. He was just a 21 year old kid and even then he was way ahead of the skill level of many of my peers in TV in Hollywood in my opinion. He was also the one who introduced me to Kim Jung Gi’s 2007 artbook, far before the illustration world were humbled by Jung Gi’s insane, viral, one-shot drawing videos. 

IL Kwang, myself, along with many of the many insane talents at JM animation ( many of them, kids), were picked to help develop Legend of Korra and eventually we all split from JM Animation to form Studio Mir, with IL KWANG and Kim Jinsung as the lead character designers. It’s been five years and I believe he’s grown so incredible it brings a tear to my eye. Super humble, soft-spoken and ALWAYS practicing, IL KWANG’s work as lead character designer on Books 1, 2 and 3 are an example of some of the very best in TV animation production.

South Korea for many reasons too long to discuss here are constantly hidden by the shadow of the American pre-production bubble established through years of sub-contract work and lack of exposure on many of our favorite, American-produced animated shows. I believe IL Kwang is one of them. Above are a sample of his many, daily sketches, many of them are 30-min studies.

Go say hello and thank the kid for his immense contributions to the designs of one of the best, modern animated shows in the states.

Kim il Kwang’s Facebook Page:


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pink gold peach is terrifying and I love her. got the idea from lyndsay




Get this or miss

OVER THE RADAR: Six-Gun Gorilla -- Collected Edition 



The collected edition of Six-Gun Gorilla hits stores June 18th. Listen:

The result is a story that’s intensely, heart-breakingly personal and entirely its own thing, yet contains a healthy portion of relevance for literally anyone who might read it.


Six-Gun Gorilla

Love this series!

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