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Only available at conventions until now! I have an online STORE link now at the top of my Tumblr page. Original art, prints, books, check it out! Or click here>
Also for your viewing pleasure, or pain, here’s a time lapse video of the creation of this cover>

Thanks everyone!


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Hey here is my full 2299 comic in a more readable format, I feel like with the Robin Williams news it’s particular poignant and timely and I wanted to share the whole thing. 

2299 is full of awesome comics and it’s only $2 and all profits are going to the Heroes Initiative and it includes another Kyle Starks comic i did with Cool Bro Dylan Todd.  So, please, support your indie comic makers and get like 80 pages of goodness.  It’s available now on Gumroad.

Please, don’t let them break you.

This is a stunning short comic.

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stillmanlierthanyou asked: Yes hello this is the police, it is now illegal for you to draw anything other than naked Gambit or Namor's butt. thank you for your cooperation good citizen




So I usually never ever post photos of unfinished things, but it’s gonna be a while before I can get the solder to frame it and I’m just so excited about this piece. Saga was, I believe, the first American comic book I’ve ever read. Ever. Even before Sandman. It’s also the comic that introduced me to the wonderful fantasticgirlreadscomics comic book club and plunged me head first into this insanely awesome universe. 

It is also so, so, so good. 

And fionastaples's art is stunning! - so free yet so expressive. And this particular cover is just Alana in one image, and just bloody cool in general. 

I still have to solder on the frame, and patina it black. My phone categorically refuses to render the actual colors of the glass, so that almost navy blue is actually a clear turquoise in real life. The bubble is made from the glass the brimples were made from ;) and I aligned the streaks of the mocha skin glass to the line of her cheekbone. That skin tone was the hardest to figure out! There are no “hazel” or “coffee” or “chocolate” or “amber” colors of glass, just weird orangy-brown and “peach”. Hurmf. 

Feet for scale! My biggest piece yet. 

So amazing and beautiful!

Miss Vanessa Ives (one hour in Sketchbook Pro)


Pine cone eater.

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