For convention bookings, please contact Jason Schachter at Essential Sequential:

Twitter: @fionastaples

Instagram: fionastaples


Do you take commissions?

No, sorry! I don’t have time while drawing Saga.

Do you have any original art for sale?

No, 99% of my work is digital, so no originals exist. If prints and other materials interest you, please visit!

Is there any way to get an original drawing of yours?

At conventions I usually devote a couple hours a day to doing small sketches for people, so hit me up there. I do them quickly on the spot, no list or anything. Thanks for your interest!

What programs/tools do you use?

I use a Cintiq 21UX and iMac. I do my lineart in Manga Studio EX 4 and colour work in Photoshop CS5. For sketching I really like brush pens and Copic markers. 

What upcoming conventions are you going to?

MoCCA Arts Fest: April 5-6 2014

Calgary Expo: April 24-27 2014

San Diego Comic-Con: July 24-27 2014