In addition to designing the Brooklyn Defender this year, NYCC asked me to illustrate something they can use for their anti-harrassment signs around the convention floor. The smart idea would probably have been to draw one character in my style, for recognition’s sake, but I had this idea in my head and really wanted to try something new. I wanted it to be modular, so they could change it and use bits as they like. And I wanted it to feel inclusive. No one wants to be harassed.

I talk about this, the Brooklyn Defender, and Rocket Girl in this awesome interview with The Mary Sue!

Awesome design by Amy


Some work form last year, Trickster Tales characters.

Wow, gorgeous designs!



Playing FF Tactics on my phone. Here’s a Ramza! (Sketchbook Pro 6)

Oh my God.  Oh my God.  I dedicated way way way way too many hours to that game.  I got so good that the monsters were leveled up too much.

I’m afraid of that happening but on the other hand I want little Walter to be a dark knight soooo baaaaddd.

Playing FF Tactics on my phone. Here’s a Ramza! (Sketchbook Pro 6)

Canvas #3 — ARTIST 360 



7 Tips for the 21-Year-Old Me
by Bobby Chiu

When I was a student in college working on my skills as a character designer, I’d had periods where I would sit at my desk working as hard as I could but having little to show for my efforts at the end of the day. I remember sitting there…

Great, reasonable advice for artists of any age.


Thierry Mugler F/W 1995
Models: Helena Barquilla, Adriana Karembeu, Simonetta Gianfelici, Violetta Sanchez and unknown



(via devilpigstudio)


Tiny detail of a thing I’m working on.






weirdly relevant to the question I answered yesterday.

Just repeat to yourself “This isn’t the Olympics, it’s an industry” and go make those comics!!!!!!!!!

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