Is there a site where I can read rat queens online or download it for free?

You can buy the first trade on comixology for $5. C’mon man. $5 for 7 months of work Roc and I put into making the series.

Total Gary move


Buy your comics, fools. It’s already ridiculously cheap for the number of hours that go into each. Comic makers need to support themselves. Don’t be a Gary.

Recently did a cover for Conan the Avenger #4! It was neat to get a chance to draw the young “Cloonan Conan.”

Also I think it looks tougher to fight with a tiny knife than a big sword.

Also contributed a cover for the upcoming Life with Archie #36… featuring the death of Archie.

Did a cover for the new Aliens series from Dark Horse!

Saga #20 cover art


SHUTTER #1 is finally ALMOST here!

This Wednesday, April 9th is the big day. Been amped about this for a while.

And here’s a preview of all four covers (by Leila del Duca, Emma Ríos, Dustin Weaver & Brandon Graham) and the preview that’s going around websites right now. I’ve added the last spread of the title sequence as it seemed weird to cut off there, so consider this a TUMBLR EXCLUSIVE. 

It’s $3.50. Features 21 pages of a lead feature. Two pages of what will eventually be a letters column, but is just Leila and me talking for right now. Four pages of comics by Ryan Alexander-Tanner & Catherine Peach. One page of our regular Tiger Lawyer comic by writer Ryan Ferrier & a rotating series of artists. One ad because I really love Michel Fiffe’s Copra. Then a back cover with ANOTHER Leila del Duca & Owen Gieni image, credits, etc. 

Here’s Leila & me talking about it with Comic Book Resources. Here’s me talking about it with Lindsey Morris of Girls Gone Geek. Here’s Leila talking about it with Multiversity.

If you live in Portland, Oregon you can hang out with me on Wednesday at Cosmic Monkey. If you live in Missoula, Montana, you can hang out with Leila on Wednesday at Muse Comics. If you live in Southern California you can hang out with BOTH of us on Friday at Beach Ball Comics

And finally, here are some thoughts on Shutter from other people who make comic books:

"SHUTTER is bold, smart fun — a stunning book on every front. Keatinge and del Duca have crafted something special — at once intimate and epic."
- Scott Snyder (Batman, The Wake, Wytches)
"Joyous and Heartfelt science-fiction pop with all the capital-R Romance of  the last roll of polaroid film on Earth."
- Kieron Gillen (Young Avengers, The Wicked + The Divine)

Please do spread the word! And have a good week!

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Pages 3 and 4 of 10!  Here’s a peek at the second group of pages/posters I did for @sidneyyork ‘s new album <3s! You can subscribe to the album here:


Been meaning to share this with you guys…it’s a page from Sandman: Endless Nights, the issue Frank Quitely drew on Destiny.

It’s definitely a book to check out; huge stars doing what they do best on the best fitting Endless character for their style…Bill Sienkiewicz on Delirium, Milo Manara on Desire, for instance.  

Frank Quitely had this gorgeous watercolored look that made great use of negative space.  This is by no means his “best” or most beautiful page in the story, but it’s probably the single page that’s had the biggest effect on me as an artist.

What I’m specifically referring to are the ribs of this unidentified carcass.  When I first saw this I stared at that carcass forever…this is an object that’s currently stationary—it’s dead!  But you look at it, and by the sheer placement of each rib, you can hear the sound effect it must’ve made when an animal (the leopard?) tore into it.  Some disgusting “splgqulrrrrc” sound you make when you squeeze air out of your cheeks.  You know which direction it was torn to pieces.  You can see into the past…you can see ACTION and movement in an object that is currently still.  All by where each rib was placed.

And of course, the words on the page are oh-so-appropriate even in this context.  Frank Quitely must’ve felt a great deal of responsibility based on what Gaiman’s words had to say.

From this I learned two things that I’ve kept with me since.  One is more specific—that’s that repeated objects or shapes, when placed right, create movement…a sort of animation.  You will find I use a lot of repeated objects in what I do; it’s because of this page.

And more general (and more important!), I learned that a single image can and should be everything it has potential to be.  I do hate doing layouts, but they’re hugely important…and in each panel I just keep tinkering away until it produces the right, exact feeling I’m trying to get across.  And I do that because I KNOW I can arrive at that point of knowing that yes, that is exactly it.  I know there is always “an image for that.”  It’s just up to me to figure out what “that” is.

I’d been reminded of this because Brandon asked me at one point if there was a way to draw shoes being kicked off.  And yes, there really is an image for that, one that shows the past, present and future all at once.

Speaking of all this, FQ was actually on a BBC special very recently, called “What Do Artists Do All Day?”  I’d share the youtube video but BBC promptly took it down.  If you find it, though, it’s very worth seeing.  He really puts a lot of thought into how to lay out the page.

Wisdom from Amy. You can make huge strides just by looking at your favourite art and figuring out WHY it’s good.

It’s probably not the pen they used. ;)



A thing for a thing we’ve been working on for a while.


Devaki Neogi (Art)
Neil Lalonde (Colors)
Me (Words)

a project I spilled pink and turquoise all over and am super proud to be part of!

Well this looks cool. And the artist is given top billing here- that’s different!

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